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Bicester Motion promoted to Silver Award status in Employer Recognition Scheme

June 24, 2024
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Bicester Motion has been granted a Silver Award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, underlining its continued commitment to the armed forces community.

The successful application elevates Bicester Motion from Bronze, which was awarded in 2022.

In the intervening two years, Bicester Motion has collaborated closely with Mission Motorsport in particular, and actively engaged with the local Army Cadet Force.

Plans to offer careers advice, tours and work experience at Bicester Motion to the next generation are being finalised, along with other initiatives that will work in tandem with the Oxfordshire Army Cadets.

Bicester Motion and the Experience & Demonstration Track remains the home of Mission Motorsport’s Veterans@Heritage events, welcoming beneficiaries every other month for exclusive access to Bicester Heritage. The Forces’ motorsport charity is also invited to each Scramble, the sold-out open days that bring thousands to Bicester Motion each quarter, and so too Help for Heroes and The Home Guard.

Bicester Motion is exploring forming a committee of its on-site specialists that have signed the covenant to maximise its benefit to the veterans, as well as promoting vacancies specifically to the forces community.

Senior members of the Bicester Motion team attended the 2024 National Transition Event to learn more about how to expand its support of veterans, while The Chocolate Soldier has been chosen as its preferred supplier of chocolate gifts for staff events, a company with a combined military experience of more than half a century. 

Daniel Geoghegan, Bicester Motion chief executive, said: “It goes without saying that as custodians of the 444 acres of the former RAF Bicester, a working, living monument to our military history, Bicester Motion is committed to serving the forces community. This Silver Award is testament to that but we strive to do more, for we are indebted to the Armed Forces. We are uniquely reminded of that every time we come through the gate to Bicester Motion each morning.”